Picsearch powers video for Europes largest real estate company

ImmobilienScout24 launches online video for real estate marketing

November 27, 2007

It was announced today that the largest German real estate company ImmobilienScout24 is using Picsearch to power their new video streaming service.

“We have chosen Picsearch due to their unique track record in multimedia application service providing and long experience.”

Juergen Boehm, Managing Director of ImmobilienScout24, said “We believe that online video is now core functionality for any real estate service. In that regard, ImmobilienScout24 wanted to find a highly reliable, scalable and easy to integrate service. We have chosen Picsearch due to their unique track record in multimedia application service providing and long experience. Picsearch promised a great service and they delivered everything on time.”

ImmobilienScout24 is the largest real estate company in Germany with more than 1.2 million property offerings per month. Every month more than 2.5 million unique users are making 110 million virtual property visits.

Robert Risberg, Picsearch’s CEO said “The agreement with ImmobilienScout24 is an important mile-stone for Picsearch, who until now primarily has been well-known for being one of the leading providers of global image and multimedia search services. ImmobilienScout24 is Picsearch’s largest client in the field of video streaming services and we are looking forward to working closely with them to enhance the service over time.”

Online video is one of the most popular features on the Internet. The German market has shown an explosive growth in the use of online video and is by far the largest in Europe (Eurostat October 2007). According to some studies Europeans are spending more time watching online video than their American counterparts (ScreenDigest April 2007). Online video is used for a range of purposes including e-commerce, community video sharing, news streaming and in many other specialized video markets.

Picsearch is the second largest multimedia search provider in the world and has, since its inception, strived for relevancy and family friendliness. High relevancy helps the user to find the image they are looking for. Family friendliness allows children to surf in safety as offensive material is filtered out by advanced filtering systems.

About Picsearch
Picsearch AB (publ) is a premium provider of image and multimedia search services. The services are market leading in relevancy and family friendliness. Picsearch powers several leading Internet sites as well as its own Internet properties. Picsearch was founded in 2000, is privately held and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. For more information please visit

About ImmobilienScout24
ImmobilienScout24 is Germany’s largest Internet real estate marketplace, offering extensive services for every aspect of housing and relocation. At, the portal brings together vendors and property seekers. For every conceivable aspect of real estate, ImmobilienScout24 allows property seekers to make quicker and sounder decisions, and provides sellers a more economical and comfortable platform with which to market their property.

For more information please contact:
Carl Sarnstrand, Communications Manager at Picsearch
Tel: +46 73 204 14 79

Ergin Iyilikci, Press spokesperson
Tel: +49 30 24 301 1165

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