Swedish image search engine powers Canadian Twerq

Search engine switches to Picsearch to increase quality

June 20, 2007

It was announced today that the Canadian based Twerq, is using Picsearch to power their new search engine. The Twerq search engine offers a tabbed search interface directly integrated in the web page, which enables the use of many new features in comparison to using a traditional search engine interface.

“Previous to switching to Picsearch, we carefully studied the image search market. It is beyond any doubt that Picsearch offers the most relevant and family friendly service.”

Wesley Long, Founder and inventor of Twerq, said “We are switching to Picsearch to be able to offer our users the best possible image search. Previous to switching to Picsearch, we carefully studied the image search market. It is beyond any doubt that Picsearch offers the most relevant and family friendly service.”

The Twerq technology with tabbed search enables many practical and time saving features. Drag and drop tabs help the user rearrange and visually group search results. Twerq also offers possibilities to refine and preset your searches to find what you are looking for faster. You can for example do multiple simultaneous searches divided into different tabs. You can then browse through the tabs quickly identifying the most relevant results. Ability to save results for later use and other locations provides the user with flexibility. Twerq also contains a feature called Hive which enables the sharing and collaboration of information within a group of people.

Robert Risberg, Picsearch’s CEO said “Picsearch provides multimedia search to many of the largest websites in the world. But we also work with newly founded innovative companies like Twerq. Twerq has some very interesting features in their user interface which are truly unique. Working with pioneering companies is inspiring.“

Approximately 11 percent of all searches on the Internet are image searches (Hitwise November 2006). Picsearch is the second largest image search provider in the world and has over 1.7 billion searchable images. Every month, several million new images are added to the service. Picsearch has, since its inception, strived for relevancy and family friendliness. High relevancy helps the user to find the image they are looking for. Family friendliness allows children to surf in safety as offensive material is filtered out by advanced filtering systems.

About Picsearch

Picsearch AB (publ) is a premium provider of image and multimedia search services. The services are market leading in relevancy and family friendliness. Picsearch powers several leading Internet sites as well as its own Internet properties. Picsearch was founded in 2000, is privately held and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. For more information please visit www.picsearch.com.

About Twerq

Twerq is a robust tabbed search interface integrated directly into the web page. This uses less system memory and offers you the advantage of containing all searches inside one browser window or tab. You can refine and search for multiple search terms simultaneously with each set of results displaying in its own tab. This allows you to instantly flip through each set of results and quickly identify which search term is most relevant. Twerq is based in Alberta, Canada and was founded in 2006. For more information please visit www.twerq.com.

For more information please contact:

Carl Sarnstrand, Communications Manager at Picsearch

Tel: +46 73 204 14 79

E-mail: carl.sarnstrand@picsearch.com

Wesley Long, Founder and inventor of Twerq

Tel: +1 780 628 2619

E-mail: wlong@twerq.com

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