The leading Turkish portal launches multimedia search using Picsearch

Mynet partners with Swedish image and video search services

June 05, 2007

It was announced today that Mynet, the leading portal in Turkey, has chosen Picsearch to power its new image and video search service. Mynet and Picsearch will work together during the upcoming years to further improve the multimedia search services to fit the specific needs of Turkish Internet users.

“It is no secret that Picsearch is a market leader within the area of multimedia search and no other provider can compete in the field of family friendliness.”

Emre Kurttepeli, CEO of Mynet, said “A clean and family friendly search service is important for Turkish users. It is no secret that Picsearch is a market leader within the area of multimedia search and no other provider can compete in the field of family friendliness. Being the leading portal in Turkey, we are always proud to cooperate with partners who are also the leading firms in their field. We are looking forward to working together with Picsearch.”

More than 16 million Turks use the Internet on a regular basis, of which 14+ million users visit Mynet every month. Mynet is providing 50 different services for Turkish users including web search, image search, video search, news, sports content, e-mail, shopping, games and many other services. The Republic of Turkey has one of the youngest and fastest growing Internet populations in Europe. Turkey is a member of G20 – an organization for the 20 largest economies in the world, and has an annual growth of GDP of more than 8 percent.

Robert Risberg, Picsearch’s CEO, said “Mynet is the leading portal in the fast growing Turkish market and has been able to stay ahead of foreign competition by offering services created specifically for the Turkish users. Mynet’s choice of Picsearch proves the strength of our search services.”

Approximately 25 percent of all visitors to a search engine use image search and about 11 percent of all searches on the Internet are image searches (Quantcast May 2007, Hitwise November 2006). Picsearch is the second largest image search provider in the world and has over 1.7 billion searchable images. Every month, several million new images are added to the service. Picsearch has, since its inception, strived for relevancy and family friendliness. High relevancy helps the user to find the image they are looking for. Family friendliness allows children to surf in safety as offensive material is filtered out by advanced filtering systems.

About Mynet
Mynet is the most popular and widely used internet destination in Turkey with over 5,5+ million registered members and 14+ million monthly unique visitors. Mynet offers 50 different products and services fulfilling all the needs of Turkish online community. Its mission is to be the leading portal by providing high quality, innovative and added value services to Turkish internet users on a single platform that achieves commercial success.

About Picsearch
Picsearch AB (publ) is a premium provider of image and multimedia search services. The services are market leading in relevancy and family friendliness. Picsearch powers several leading Internet sites as well as its own Internet properties. Picsearch was founded in 2000, is privately held and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. For more information please visit

For more information please contact:
Carl Särnstrand, Communications Manager at Picsearch
Tel: +46 73 204 14 79

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