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The Picsearch/Screen9 Group supplies search and video services worldwide for leading B2C and B2B. The group consists of the parent company Screen9 Holdning AB (publ) with daughter companies – The end-user image search company Picsearch Services AB with the destination site picsearch.com; the Online Video Platform company Screen9 AB and it’s subsidiary Screen9 sp. z o.o. Over the years, the Picsearch/Screen9 group has become a respected service provider and we’ve gained the trust of many of the most high profile web properties worldwide to power their search or video functionality. Our partners are headquartered in more than 40 countries and many of our services can be reached through our partners’ offerings from all over the world.

Picsearch image search was the first product line for the group; with syndication partners all over the world, it is the core product of Picsearch AB (publ). For almost two decades, users have enjoyed a family friendly and highly relevant search service on both our syndication partners’ websites and on www.picsearch.com.

Picsearch Services AB operates the search website www.picsearch.com and local derivatives, where new functionality is prototyped and showcased to end users.

The Screen9 video solutions are built on a versatile, multi-purpose modular Online Video Platform which is used by a variety of industry segments. It is the fastest growing product line in the group and today operates as a stand-alone business. For more information, please visit www.screen9.com.

Picsearch Services AB, Screen9 AB and daughter companies are fully owned subsidiaries of Screen9 Holding AB (publ), which is a privately held company, incorporated and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

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2000 & 2001

The company is founded by Nils Andersson and Robert Risberg with the business idea to provide an image search service with unrivalled relevancy and family friendliness. Seed funding is provided by Centrecourt AB and Picsearch AB is incorporated. The original Picsearch logotype is born, build around a helm to symbolize safe and accurate navigation and www.picsearch.com (beta) is unveiled in the summer of 2001. Picsearch applies for patents to protects its technology and “Picsearch” is registered as a brand name.

2002 & 2003

Picsearch’s image search services is syndicated to leading portals and search engines of the time including Lycos Europe and Ask Jeeves. Picsearch turn cash-flow positive.

2004 & 2005

Rapid global expansion following a number of syndication arrangements with amongst others Lycos, Schibsted and Microsoft for both msn.com and subsequently live.com. Picsearch grows through recruitment of more talented individuals, headcount doubles and Picsearch moves into new offices.

2006 & 2007

New search services are released and the syndication networks expands with partners like Seznam, Web.de and Eniro. A video platform product line is launched and well received with new customers such as ImmobilienScout and PriceRunner. Picsearch’s first patents are approved.

2008 & 2009

Syndication to Russian search giant Yandex commences. The video product line gains traction with a number of new customers including Sweden’s leading newspaper DagensNyheter, Alma Media, Allers Förlag, TUI Nordic and Mlada Fronta. Picsearch appoints a new board of directors and updates it’s logotype to better match the company’s focus on both video services and image search. The tag line “Small enough to listen, big enough to deliver” is born from customer feedback.

2010 & 2011

Picsearch introduces a partner program. The video platform is used for user generated application for leading TV shows, distribution of video press releases, real estate marketing, e-commerce and as a internal communication channel. SverigesRadio becomes a customer along with MktMedia who represent 48 newspapers. The image service is syndicated as a white label search service to large international destination sites. Picsearch’s video product line is rebranded “Screen9” to improve market communication and highlight the two product lines’ uniqueness. Picsearch spins off it’s Online Video Platform, forming Screen9 AB and spins of it’s B2C web sites, forming Picsearch Services AB but continues it’s image search services in Picsearch AB (publ).

2012 & 2013

Daughter company Screen9 experience rapid growth. Picsearch sets up a engineering and consultancy company in Cracow, Poland to serve other companies in the group as well as external customers. Picsearch opens an office in Gothenburg, Sweden together with Screen9. The Picsearch group continues growing with new customers and returns to profitability despite significant investments. Screen9 opens its own communication channels and is operated as an independent entity in line with the spin-off strategy.

2014 & 2015

Both the Online Video Platform Screen9 and the Picsearch syndication business continue to grow. Picsearch’s search syndication is also incorporated into Picsearch Services AB, leaving the parent company Picsearch AB (publ) to focus in group strategy. Entering 2015, Picsearch Services marks the greatest image search traffic volumes in it’s 15 year history.
Picsearch Services run and develop the search business Picsearch image search market leading family friendliness means that it’s the only image search engine whilelisted in a number of school districts/portals. The founders continue to have an active role in the Management Directorship of the companies.

2016 to 2020

The Picsearch/Screen9 group focuses on syndicating image search through Picsearch Services to syndication partners wishing not to rely on the dominant search players offerings, pricing and terms. Screen9 is operated as a standalone business and outgrows other entities in the Picsearch/Screen9 group as it grows it’s customer base.

2020 onwards

Picsearch AB (publ) changes its name to Screen9 Holding AB (publ) to better reflect the its business operation. Service delivery continues in respective daughter companies Picsearch Services AB and Screen9 AB.

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