Unlike many other search companies, Picsearch does not restrict your advertising opportunity. You may monetize around our services as you feel fit and we’ll even help you with the knowledge we’ve gained working with companies like yours and various implementations the world over.

What can Picsearch tell me about advertising on SERP that I don’t already know?

Picsearch has strong knowledge in formats, placements, styles and advertisers in combination with creative ideas to help you reach your monetization goals. Besides the work with our partners, Picsearch has years of experience operating our own domains and testing various advertising solutions. We know successful monetizing around the Image Search Engine Result Pages differs compared with Web Search Engine Result Pages as the user behavior is different.

Advertising recommendations and best practices are offered free of charge to partners sending in excess of 10M queries per month. Please contact your Picsearch representative to arrange an initial meeting.

If you are new to Picsearch, get in touch today.

Tel: +46 (0) 8 641 2233

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